Sunday, September 25, 2011 (sweating while in trance)

Hypnothought's question:

What does Extreme sweating while in trance mean?

John's response

Although, I haven’t had one to sweat during trance, I have had them to twitch, scratch their head, laugh, move about in the chair, and my most recent client began to shake uncontrollably as I began deepening the trance. All of these signs were related to nervousness by what they told me (which I suspect the sweating would be as well). On the most recent one, I stopped the session and asked her what was going on with her. She said she felt she was losing consciousness and was about to faint. I told her that yes, she was 'losing consciousness' but wasn’t about to faint but just was going into a deeper state of trance. I told her that we didn’t have to continue if she didn’t feel comfortable and that I would teach her what to do when she got home. She drank some water and wanted to continue. Once we continued, she dropped into delta and I then popped in the suggestions.

I have different clients who sweated when they were around people, outside even when there were no sun, inside when the temperture was normal to others or when they had to make a public speech. All of these clients told me that it was nervousness. Some people are more sensitive than others and don’t like other people to ‘stare’ at them or wanted attention. Find out if this is the case with your student.

Being a student in a classroom demonstrating could have the same affect as being in front a room delivering a speech – most people would rather have a tooth pulled according to statistics. If this is his case, he may or may not feel comfortable being the student. I only do one-on-one sessions and some people are nervous even with that. A classroom could be brutal to many people when they are demonstrating!

Two ways, I would handle it. Either get him alone and put him in trance and give him post suggestions to relax in front of the class or just let him watch if he doesn’t need to participate at this point in your class. Of course, all of this considering nervousness is his issue.

John Owens
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Counselor

Sunday, September 18, 2011 (Test for confirmation)

Hypnothought's question:

Do you do tests to confirm if your clients are in a hypnotic state or not?

John's response:

I usually don’t convince my clients during the session with specific tests. All of my energy goes into suggestions – coaching/motivation/behavior modification, post suggestions and change. If I convince them at all it is after the session which may be a little unorthodox from the traditional convincers. After I bring them out of trance, I quietly get up from my chair and move about...sometimes, I get on the internet and check my messages, check my calendar or read a book (this is only if my clients went to sleep - which the majority do). Allowing them to get the much needed rest that they need. Also, it gives all of my suggestions time to percolate deep inside of their minds before they go home or back to work.
Of course how long they rest all depends on my schedule and if I am in my home office, their home for a house call or a clinic.

Client convinced? Absolutely! What better way of being convinced than to wake up and see the person who was talking to you (just a few minutes ago) on the internet checking e-mail or looking through a book?

But the biggest convincer of all comes when the client comes back the next week and report the successes from the first session. That’s all the convincing we both really need. The client doesn’t really care what happened in the therapy chair. She is more concerned with the results on what she came in for!

John Owens
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Counselor

Saturday, September 10, 2011 (Guarantees)

Hypnothought's Question
'is the offer of a guarantee of success something that can be offered by hypnotherapists and if so how is this possible'?

John's response

I have personally made guarantees to clients (only for emotional issues – anger, anxiety, depression, fear, phobia, panic attacks) who have already been to therapy and it failed them. The guarantee would be that they would have to come to at least 10 sessions and if they aren’t satisfied at the end, I will work for them for free.

The longest one came to session was 5 and she stopped because she didn’t feel any more need to come. I had them come to 4 and some to 3 sessions and they stopped which the guarantee stopped as well.

I will never make a guarantee on a consciously chosen issue/habit – smoking, drugs, alcohol, eating chocolate because it is easier to cheat (the hypnotist cannot control their environment) than for an emotional issue.

I have never had one to come back for more sessions after they stopped – some of these sessions were over 3 years ago.

My theory behind this is: generally speaking, people don’t consciously choose to be angry, anxious, depressed, etc. Since it isn’t something they can consciously control giving them guarantees is more a calculated risk - of course there are always exceptions for everything. But even with these exceptions, if you use both deep level trance and behavior modification/coaching on how to deal with the adversities (which is a big issues with emotional issues) of life these types will change as well before the 10 sessions.

John Owens
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Counselor

Saturday, September 3, 2011 (Infertility)

Hypnothought's question
Seeking advice or script for infertility. Any suggestions appreciated.

John's answer

After my client has convinced me that both parties have been checked out by the doctor for this infertility issue, I go to work with coaching them on how to relax, ‘let go’ of robotic thinking (I explain why it is necessary to let go of science), deprogram negative behavior (if this is necessary) and activate her healing/reproductive center.

The goal here is to put nature in charge!

Of course I make no promises in a situation like this (which I tell them up front), but these clients have reached the end of the line when they come to me or any other hypnotherapist. Most have been told that there isn’t anything that can be done medically for them. Unfortunately, some of these ‘infertile’ women find out they can become pregnant right after they have adopted a child. Usually in this case, they would have ‘let go’ of the stress of getting pregnant and the reproductive process will do what it supposed to do naturally. To me, this says that the medical industry underestimated the power of nature in these specific cases.

Subconsciously, I drop them into delta to help them deeply relax urging nature to flow smoothly. Even though I had one client who didn’t come to me with an infertility issue, she had been told that she could never have children 10 years prior to our session – she was 38 at the time she became pregnant. What I did with her was to deprogram her from the debilitating emotional pains of child abuse – which was part of her stress and it prevented her from becoming pregnant. This was all it took for this client.

Had another client who I coached to stop counting months and days and buying over the counter ovulation and pregnancy tests and thinking of names and furniture before it was time - before conception. I put her in a waking trance and told her that women have had children before modern medicine was invented and without all of the information we have today. Too much information was causing this client’s issues. She too had been abused so I had to iron out these issues. Once she put nature in charge, she became pregnant – she was 39 just weeks shy of 40.

I would say you would need more than a script/metaphor in these cases. Anyone taking on infertility should consider at least these points. Make sure that:

1. They both have been checked out by a medical doctor.
2. Let them know up front that you cannot make promises. In this case it is best to under promise and over deliver
3. Deprogram them from the emotional ups and downs of child abuse if this is part of the client’s issue. It has been in a few of my cases.
4. Coach them on how to relax and ‘let go’ of robotic thinking. If they are counters, get them to stop and let them know that this puts more pressure on them – mentally, emotionally and physically. They need to allow nature to takes its course by taking science out of the equation.
5. If there is tension going on in the relationship between the two, coach them through their issues. This will take out the mental and emotional blocks to help nature flow as it should.
6. Drop them into delta and activate the healing/reproductive center

John Owens
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Counselor