Monday, May 5, 2008

Side effects of Hypnosis?

Headaches, stomach aches, nose bleeds, insomnia, frequent urination, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a host of other side affects are what you may hear at the end of a pharmaceutical advertisement on television. There’s a voice which quickly lists all these ailments—like an auctioneer who takes the bids in an auction—as if they don’t really want you to really hear it. By the end of it all, you are dazed and confused. These medications’ side affects are so numerous and intrusive, it makes me wonder who would ever take a drug after hearing THAT kind of roll! Phew! Gives me a headache just listening to it, if you ask me.

I would imagine that doctors have a difficult time explaining the side effects of a particular medication to patients because they are so numerous. Then again, they may not think much of it because they’re trained to do it. Of course, when people need healing, they would pretty much do whatever it takes to achieve better health in spite of the possibility of numerous after effects. They may take a similar position to: “yes, I know there may be at least five side effects in taking this medication to relive my arthritis, but if my pain is lessened, I will tolerate these other ailments.”

Occasionally, I receive calls from people asking me about the side effects of hypnosis. These potential clients want to know what type of problems they may come across once they undergo hypnotherapy. Initially, when I first started my practice, I used to tell them—and I would say this proudly—that hypnosis has no side effects. I would go on to say that if one is hypnotized to increase self-confidence, for example, one will only eventually experience a change to reflect the results they are looking for, that is, an increase in confidence. Nothing else.

Today, after many years of practice and feedback from my clients, I had to change my opinion on how I view hypnosis and its possible side effects.

My clients have come to me for many different reasons and in the process they have discovered added value, as an after effect, in different areas of their lives they never imagined possible.

For example, I had a client who wanted to increase his stage performance. I helped him with his self-confidence and enhanced his “persona” on stage which added to his self-value – in the process, he also let go of the habit of smoking marijuana, because that was one of the things he used to hide himself behind. Smoking marijuana made him feel less disappointment about his lack of self-image. After we worked together during our sessions, he found he did not need that particular tool anymore. He had everything he needed right inside of him.

Another time I worked with a client who was having relationship issues with her husband. After we ironed out these issues, her level of self-confidence increased as a result and she began taking classes, received a certification and made her own living instead of only relying on her husband’s salary.
I worked with yet another client on her self-esteem issues (yes, lack of self-esteem is a HUGE problem that affects many people and stunts their growth). After we got her esteem to a healthy level, she bought a new home, new car and opened a clothing boutique.

In another case, I worked with a client to help him sort out his life – it was topsy-turvy and he couldn’t make heads or tails of it. After he received clarity in his life, he started a new job in a new town where he always wanted to live.

There are many more stories like this but to prevent from boring you, I will move on and wrap up. Hypnosis does have side effects, yes—but they are all positive! So if you are one of those who are concerned about this, you now have your answer – you can go into a hypnosis session with one goal in mind and leave with much more!

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Iryn said...

I agree with you. After 20 years of smoking without a single day without a fag, i was hynotised and it has been 3 months now. Nicotine free. Some friends have said i will have side-effects cause of this, but the only side effects that i have encountered soo far is feeling good, happy and healthier.

susan said...

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