Monday, August 25, 2008

101 Lessons I Learned From My Clients

I am happy to present my newest book released just in time on my new remodeled website ( Book 1 in the Lessons Learned Series contains little sayings/teachings I learned or used at some point as an individual and alternative health professional. As a hypnotherapist and coach, my clients gave me the opportunity to recall these long forgotten lessons – at the appropriate time – while in session with them. These analogies (scenarios, metaphors, old folk’s tales and common sense stories) allowed me to communicate with my client’s subconscious mind, to indirectly affect change in their lives for the long haul.

These little lessons are meant to entertain and educate, and it doesn’t matter whether the reader is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, personal coach, motivational speaker, alternative healer or layperson. In my field, they were invaluable to me and the people I worked with. They often helped me place my clients in a ‘waking trance’ while mulling over these analogies. When their conscious mind is busy going over the parallels between these tales and their lives, the subconscious mind is being programmed (persuaded, influenced and motivated for change) with the acceptance of the logic contained therein.

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