Friday, October 1, 2010

JOImethod: A HEALER'S WAY coming soon!

In JOImethod: A Healer?s Way, you will experience my transition from being strictly a hypnotist to using hypnotherapy and other tools to heal my clients and help them achieve ultimate well-being on a mental, emotional and physical level.

My method and focus have resulted in my gaining entrance as a consultant with The St. James Hospital Group in Malta (a company which owns one of the major private hospitals on the island, as well as cosmetic and oncology clinics); getting referrals from three pharmacies; and providing my services in the wellness center of a 5 star hotel frequented by international celebrities!

Throughout this book, I walk you through the new JOImethod ? sharing important new things I learned in order to effectively work with all the people who walk through my door. This new sleeping hypnosis technique is biologically designed to take any person to coma or hypno-sleep in less than five minutes!

You will see how I use the Triune Brain Model with my clients, oftentimes utilizing it to place them into a waking trance. This model allows me to explain how therapy works ? especially to those adult clients suffering from the debilitating experiences of child abuse and to athletes who desire more productivity from their bodies.

In this book, I explain core nature, that is, the importance of understanding the psychology of people. I use this information to help me group clients after identifying their strengths and weaknesses. It is their weaknesses that drive them to seek therapy in the first place! The weaknesses of people manifest themselves in emotional issues ? anger, anxiety, depression, fears, obsessive thoughts, phobias and relationship problems.

I also explain the nature of various emotional problems and explain how negative emotions can directly cause physical pain. I will discuss the psychology of smokers and those who seek to lose weight. In addition, I will provide practical insight into the tools needed to provide effective coaching for couples. Understanding the psychology of people in addition to being aware of the impact and functioning of emotions equals the ability to heal!

Last but certainly not least, I will talk about waking and covert hypnosis. I will provide detailed steps about how to effectively use this art. Furthermore, I will share real cases?some of the most challenging ones I encountered?in which I used waking/covert hypnosis with my clients. These include working successfully with a seven year old autistic child; an incarcerated man sitting in a holding prison cell; and an agoraphobia client who had not left his house in the daytime in 3 years. I will also describe how I used covert hypnosis while pretending to be an ?interior decorator? to help an octogenarian who suffered from fear and insomnia.

One of the practical results of my work with these people is that it will answer in absolute terms the below questions, which professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists have been weighing and discussing for centuries:

1. Can a person be hypnotized without his or her consent? Yes
2. Can a person be hypnotized without his or her knowledge? Yes
3. Does rapport need to be established for hypnosis to work? No
4. Does a person need to be motivated for hypnosis to work ? No

John Owens
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
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