Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We all experience fear at one point in time or other in our lives. Some people’s fears may be temporary and could surface in certain stressful situations, such as when taking a test, making a speech, or going out on a date. Other people’s fears may stay with them like a constant, throughout their lives. A person could be afraid of many things, such as, for example, the fear of certain animals, which list may include snakes, birds, dogs or of cats. Some fears eventually turn into phobias – which are a graduated level of fear where the person becomes immobilized by a particular stimulus.

Though it is not presented to me this way, most of the calls I receive are from people who are experiencing the fear of success. This type of fear is easily identifiable because it is often revealed through the lack of confidence, an overly shy or introvert nature in relations with the outside world, or through holding on to something that prevents them from ‘seeing’ the light.

Why do these fears exist? Regrettably, many adults still view life out of the eyes of a child. They were either never taught how to make it on their own, someone (parent/guardian) always gave them the solutions instead of allowing them to take the responsibility, they were often abused and berated instead of encouraged and appreciated, or they were just overly sensitive to words and situations.

Most people become exhausted from experiencing these life shattering emotions but don’t have anyone to help them battle these fears. They need someone to help them build their confidence, take on more responsibility with ease, or come out of their ‘shell’.


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