Monday, April 7, 2008

Negative Self Talk

“Negative chatter” flowing in the back of your mind is how I describe lack of optimism to my clients. I usually get, “yeah, that’s it,” or “that’s me,” or something to that effect as a response. Many people refer to this as “negative thinking”.

Many of my clients have had this negative self talk going for most of their lives – it has become habit. Unfortunately, these terrible messages they are sending their own brain place road blocks in their path or derail their success. These people see the glass as half empty, rather than half full, and the world as a cold, harsh place. They also talk themselves out of progressing in their lives because this negative behavior is their comfort zone.

How does it all start?

From what I have observed over the years from my clients, most of this “negative chatter” started in childhood either with hearing negative words thrown at them by parents, teachers, friends and/or the many failures (before they reached success) that come along with learning how to orchestrate life – such as walking, talking, riding bikes, swimming, skating, learning how to speak, write, and school work.

Some people are more sensitive than others (whether through genetics or environmental factors) and it is often these types of people that I see in my practice.

This “negative chatter”, if left unchecked, may turn into feelings of hopelessness and eventually perhaps to something worse, such as depression. This is why it is important to recognize it for the danger that it is.

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