Monday, June 23, 2008


“To cease blowing” (as when a candle flame ceases to flicker) is the literal translation of this Sanskrit word. Many people may search for it through spirituality, meditation or some form of spiritual exercise such as yoga or tai chi. This practice is an integral part of Eastern philosophy. Other people, especially some of us in the Western world, aren’t aware of its existence or may have heard of it but don’t really know how, or even have enough time to attempt to, experience it. And then there are others - the skeptics - who would deem it absolutely ludicrous to even think of this concept, let alone having it play a role in their lives.

In our society, we have been groomed to work hard and study hard without being given an understanding of how to relax and take off the stress on the road towards success. For this reason, many experience the problems which come from an overloaded brain and a too harsh, oftentimes rigid and clinical, lifestyle.

So what does Nirvana mean to you? I think it may have different meanings to different people. Some of these meanings may include a desire for: inner peace, relaxation, bliss, clarity, and compassion for others.

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words – but a video is on another level.

Watch how this brain scientist -- Jill Bolte Taylor -- found Nirvana in her life.
Hopefully it moves you towards your search for Nirvana as it has me!

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