Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why Affirmations Work?

Tools needed:
1. Affirmations (general affirmations provided below)
2. Conscious mind - the 'chef'
3. Subconscious mind - the 'big pot' on the stove

When people experience hopelessness in their lives, they usually drop into a state of mind called depression. This depression, if left intact long enough, will cause the decrease of those feel-good chemicals inside of the brain. Depletion of those positive chemicals just makes life intolerable – with the lack of energy, isolation, a feeling of dejection; in essence, one’s life becomes miserable.

How does a depressed person offset this state of mind? Some commonalities depressed people share are an inactive lifestyle and engaging in negative self-talk. To get outside of this state of mind, the depressed person should become active (walking, dancing, biking, bowling, etc) and use positive self-talk (Affirmations) to change that negative chatter that goes on in the back of the mind.

Becoming active is really a no-brainer; however, the affirmation part may take some convincing as to why this would work.

This is how affirmations work:

Think of your subconscious mind as a big pot sitting on the stove and your conscious mind as the chef that fills the pot with different foods. The chef can put anything in this large pot, in addition to the water for cooking, then turn the stove on and let it boil. The pot can contain chicken soup, veggies, corn or potatoes or any food that requires boiling and any food that the chef wants to put into the pot. The chef can even put some rocks, dirt or sand in this pot (it's the chef's choice!) along with water and the pot then contain boiled rocks, dirt or sand.

But would anyone want to consume these ‘negative’ things (rocks, dirt or sand) even though the chef put them in the pot? The interesting thing about this pot on the lit stove is that it doesn't reject, argue, debate or complain with the contents the chef gives it (even though the rocks, dirt or sand aren't good for cooking or consumption). The pot’s job is only to cook what the chef put inside it with no questions asked. At the end of the cooking, the chef gets the contents back in a different form; typically, an edible form only if he/she put in the right contents.

Your subconscious mind is the same as the pot on the lit stove...it doesn't reject, argue, debate or complain with the contents your conscious/chef (even if the thoughts were negative) gives it. If your conscious mind gives it negative thoughts or negative experiences it will cook these thoughts/experiences for you and feed negativity back to your life; and potentially cause a host of issues such as: overloaded emotions, depression, anxiety, guilt, stress, anger and/or poor health. In essence, this means a hard life for you. If your conscious mind gives your subconscious positive thoughts, it will cook these thoughts for you as well and feed positivity back into your life with happiness, inner peace, fun and good health - a much easier life for you.

Now, you have to ‘consciously' make the choice as to what you want your 'subconscious' mind to cook - positive thoughts or negative thoughts, a good life filled with inner peace, happiness and enjoyment or one filled with anger, depression, fear, obsessive thoughts or ill health...this is your life and this is your choice. No one else can make this decision for you!

Your subconscious mind is a tool/gift you were born with and you can use it as you see fit. It is very powerful if we know how to use it and it is very powerful even if we don't know how to use it – it is just the way it is designed. The very nature and relationship between the conscious (chef) and the subconscious (pot) mind can make our lives miserable or it can make our lives peaceful!

These general sayings (or the specific ones you create) below will help your conscious mind (your chef) 'program' your subconscious mind (your pot) and your subconscious mind will never reject the 'positive programs' (affirmations) in the same way that it doesn't reject the 'negative programs' (anxiety, anger, depression, fear, guilt, obsessive thoughts and panic) that many people give their minds each day.

The affirmations are designed to keep your chef/conscious mind busy and out of your own way while you are ‘programming’ your pot for happiness and success.

If you say your affirmations each and everyday, your chef (conscious mind) will put positive contents in your pot (subconscious mind) and you will receive positive thoughts in your life which will eventually change your behavior and outlook on life!

I know it sounds easy and it really is as long as you do your affirmations - please read them aloud to yourself for stronger effect.

The below affirmations are general. You can use them ‘as is’ or modify them or just create your own. If you need to, print them and carry them with you at all times or until you don't need to say them anymore - say them in the morning, noon and night or any time you feel less than stellar.

For how long should you say them? Scientists say it takes about 21 days to create a habit. I say, use them until you begin to see positive change in your thinking/behavior.

1. I love myself and enjoy being with myself each and every day
2. My self-esteem and self-confidence will increase each and every day
3. I will remove negative thoughts and negative people out of my life
4. I will always seek inner peace in my life
5. I will make a commitment to myself to seek fun and happiness each and every day
6. I will bring in more positive activity into my life each and every day
7. My health gets better each and every day
8. I will breathe in positive energy and let go of all negative energy each and every day
9. My family brings me happiness
10. I bring myself and my family happiness

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John Owens - Joimethod Hypnosis & Self-Enhancement said...

Hello Samantha, Thank you for those kind words! I will check out this website you suggested.


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Very Good post on Affirmations.

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