Monday, January 5, 2009

The Most Challenging Client

Oftentimes I receive questions – whether from a client, a friend, family member or from someone at a social event – on what type of client is the most challenging?

When I am asked this question, I’ve gathered that the person asking is usually talking about the most difficult person to hypnotize. After I find out if this is indeed what he or she means, I let them know that I have no problems hypnotizing anyone. In fact, inducing or hypnotizing someone is the easy part!

Many of these questioners are often surprised when I say this because they have this erroneous view that hypnosis is a mental challenge between hypnotist and client instead of a cooperative relationship.

After I explain what hypnosis is to them, I then let them know that my challenges would come from the Negative Emotional client.

Of course their next question is: how so?

I go on to say: when a person displays Negative Emotions (here I am talking extreme cases or near extreme such as years of depression/suicidal tendencies, obsessive compulsive behavior/thoughts, and eating disorders), his or her nasty habits are so entrenched, I would have to work with them on many sessions (six or more) just to balance out the emotions first. Once their emotions are balanced, inner peace and harmony injected into the mind and emotions just to offset the ‘war’ that is been waged inside of them, only then could we work on their other goals that they came in for.

Where I could see a major difference in a non-emotional or a client with balanced emotions in one to three sessions, the client who suffers from Negative Emotions are so locked in to how she ‘feels’ that she may miss the change. And even if she can see or feel some change, those negative emotions or the experience of anger, guilt, humiliation, shame, embarrassment or some other feeling that have become habit may be reaching in from the past preventing her from enjoying the change.

How did this client get this way? I cannot speak for all of them but I can say from my experience that many of them would have missed a wonderful experience in childhood and instead suffered abuse, neglect or some form of other mistreatment. Or some of them could have lived in a household without strong and supportive parental guidance or with parents/relatives who experienced years of depression or some other Negative Emotion and this behavior ‘rubbed’ off on them.

Because of the years of havoc and turmoil, many of them have little social and career skills – this is another reason why this client is so challenging. With this in mind, I don’t only use hypnosis; I also use advice, mentoring/coaching and encouragement in both their personal and professional lives.

In essence, this client is challenging because I would have to dismantle the dysfunctional mental and emotional system and rebuild a new and functioning one (inner peace, balance, harmony, self esteem/confidence and focus; social, organizational and career skills).

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