Sunday, September 18, 2011 (Test for confirmation)

Hypnothought's question:

Do you do tests to confirm if your clients are in a hypnotic state or not?

John's response:

I usually don’t convince my clients during the session with specific tests. All of my energy goes into suggestions – coaching/motivation/behavior modification, post suggestions and change. If I convince them at all it is after the session which may be a little unorthodox from the traditional convincers. After I bring them out of trance, I quietly get up from my chair and move about...sometimes, I get on the internet and check my messages, check my calendar or read a book (this is only if my clients went to sleep - which the majority do). Allowing them to get the much needed rest that they need. Also, it gives all of my suggestions time to percolate deep inside of their minds before they go home or back to work.
Of course how long they rest all depends on my schedule and if I am in my home office, their home for a house call or a clinic.

Client convinced? Absolutely! What better way of being convinced than to wake up and see the person who was talking to you (just a few minutes ago) on the internet checking e-mail or looking through a book?

But the biggest convincer of all comes when the client comes back the next week and report the successes from the first session. That’s all the convincing we both really need. The client doesn’t really care what happened in the therapy chair. She is more concerned with the results on what she came in for!

John Owens
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Counselor

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