Sunday, November 6, 2011 (The Essence of Hypnosis)

Hypnothought's question

What is the Essence of Hypnosis?

John's response:

In my opinion, the essence of hypnosis/healing is a 'Transmission of ideas' whether consciously (waking hypnosis) or subconsciously (sleeping hypnosis). Because of my viewpoint, I spend more time with the client in a waking hypnotic state (transmitting idea after idea after idea) and towards the end drive those same messages home via sleeping hypnosis.

For example, if a client comes to me for confidence issues; I would 'transmit the idea' that if I had confidence yesterday due to my being in the zone or having a stellar performance, I cannot permanently 'lose' this confidence today or tomorrow because someone (self included) is making me feel less than human by saying negative things to and about me. At this point in time, my confidence is just not in a position to be expressed (confidence soars in a positive environment). I 'transmit the idea' that my confidence will be affected depending on my conditioning, mood, health, sensitivity to my environment or the people I may encounter.

Another example: I will 'transmit an idea' that a fear of a cockroach isn't rational when taking into consideration that the insect is smaller than me (the larger/most poisonous animal up the chain wins) or cannot physically harm me. When I dig deeper into the mind/emotions of these clients, I find out that many have other irrational fears as well due to a vivid imagination (which needs balancing) and the lack of internal peace - these areas will be taken care of during sleeping hypnosis...with a strong disgust for the insect instead of a true fear. Some would use the term - nasty or an equivalent word - when referring to the cockroach. I let them know that the feeling of something being nasty/disgusting and experiencing true fear are two different emotions - a programmed idea. These ideas/messages transmitted will be the beginning of change even before we start the sleeping hypnosis.

John Owens
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Counselor

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