Monday, November 7, 2011

New Book...Practical Philosophy: Words To Live By


Introduction of the book:

Practical Philosophy: Words To Live By (Formerly: 101 Lessons I Learned From My Clients)...Belief in oneself and living one's true potential are some of the most important ingredients that determine success and happiness. On the other hand, negativity, self-doubt, and emotional turmoil can hinder the positive flow of progress. Practical Philosophy: Words to Live by contains 200 little affirmations - tiny but important lessons or anecdotes - related to all vital aspects of life from emotional, physical and mental health to relationships to career to goal-setting, motivation and success. The goal of this little book is to help anyone in their quest for betterment by stimulating their mind and emotions. Each thought is concise and easy to relate to. The idea is never to underestimate the human spirit. If a person sets their mind to a task with the necessary drive to succeed, anything is achievable--and these affirmations are meant to be used as both an aid in and inspiration for the process.

John Owens
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Counselor

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